Obama: The Halloweening


Since I can still get Nixon masks down at the seasonal Halloween store, it’s likely these Obama masks will be around for decades to come, perhaps even when Cyber-Jayden announces in his 2034 State Of The Union speech, “America, you have all of my feels. I can’t even.” So it’s not exactly timely for costume manufacturers to be releasing the “Barely-’Bama” (above), the no-eyes Creepy Obama, or the giant, flat “Your eyes look through his nose Obama” mask, but they know their market will be buying these for a long time.

If you’re going for lack-of-realism, the Obama Party Face is the winner, though it’s the Obama-combos which take the cake. The “Barakula Mask” depicts our head of state as a pointy-eared vampire, which is at least half of an effort, but my favorite (i.e. worst) is the Obama Pumpkin Head Mask, which combines the President’s face with a pumpkin, for no apparent reason.

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