Cards Against Humanity: The Ripoffs Continue


You have, no doubt, encountered the game Cards Against Humanity by this point. While it’s fair enough that imitators have released games with a similar mechanism, like Joking Hazard¬†and Punderdome,¬†other people trying to get in on the card-based party game take a less-creative approach of simply making their own cards for the original game. And while the original toed the line with Hitler, midgets, Auschwitz, “big black dicks”, “The Jews” (hmm, I’m seeing a trend here) the imitators often go straight for the hate-speech without bothering to wink or nudge. Cats Abiding Horribly: The SJWs Strike Back is, in fact, more or less a list of ways to insult women, minorities, and LGBTs. (The listing shows dozens of cards, if you don’t know how the right-wing talks about these groups of people.)

There are others, like Cows Against Hamburgers, Cocks Abreast Hostility, and Clones Attack Hilarity, which all follow the abbreviation CAH. They’re named that because it’s what the first unofficial expansion, Crabs Adjust Humidity, did, and there’s little room for creativity in this industry.

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