Monthly Archives: December 2016

Man Pouch


Gotta put “GUY STUFF” on your pouch, so no one thinks it’s a purse. Can’t risk putting my items I’m taking somewhere into a container of indeterminate gender.

Then again, you go too manly with your pouch and you end up with (warning: not safe for work!!!) Men’s Pouch.

BabySaver, A Box For Teeth


BabySaver is what I would have called this box intended to collect your child’s body parts as they fall off. Instead, the manufacturer went with “Baby Teeth Box Wooden Tooth Album Keepsake Souvenir Box Organizer for Boy.” Their instructions include boiling the teeth before sticking them in the box, because there’s nothing that fills you with the joy of human existence like boiling teeth.

There is an even creepier version of this product, made by a different company, and I’ll let you see for yourself what makes it so creepy.

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