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The PocketPlug


The PocketPlug case seems like a cool idea – a case that has prongs built in that you can snap out to plug your iPhone into the wall to charge it. Too bad that:

1. It makes your iphone thicker, longer, and much heavier.

2. You can’t plug in headphones while your iPhone is in it.

3. You need a separate, non-Apple cable if you want to hook it into your computer.

4. It’s really expensive.

The Brain Controlled Helicopter


The Puzzlebox Brain Controlled Helicopter is a $229.95 toy helicopter that’s operated with an EEG headset you strap to your forehead. If you think about it, though, regular R/C helicopters are also brain-controlled.

Also, by telling you to think about it, I just brain-controlled your brain.

the Department Of Erections


This Halloween costume is an orange jumpsuit with a prosthetic boner. I’ve done you the favor of cropping the image, but you can click through to the full picture if you’re wondering what the boner looks like.

50 Shades Of Bacon


What’s worse than a poorly-written book on domestic violence thinly veiled as a romance novel? A parody of that book, written about the internet’s favorite food, bacon. One of the two authors describes himself as having a “passion for bacon.” We live in a world full of art, drama, music, prose, poetry, and animal videos, and your passion is bacon? Fucking bacon, the pork food? I want you to return all the oxygen you have ever breathed to the world, this instant.

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