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The PocketPlug


The PocketPlug case seems like a cool idea – a case that has prongs built in that you can snap out to plug your iPhone into the wall to charge it. Too bad that:

1. It makes your iphone thicker, longer, and much heavier.

2. You can’t plug in headphones while your iPhone is in it.

3. You need a separate, non-Apple cable if you want to hook it into your computer.

4. It’s really expensive.

The Brain Controlled Helicopter


The Puzzlebox Brain Controlled Helicopter is a $229.95 toy helicopter that’s operated with an EEG headset you strap to your forehead. If you think about it, though, regular R/C helicopters are also brain-controlled.

Also, by telling you to think about it, I just brain-controlled your brain.

Sun Mullet

sun-mulletThe Sun Mullet is a mullet emulator that works with your baseball hat or head to give you a simulated cloth-based mullet. The manufacturer claims it can be used 8 ways, and demonstrates them in a lengthy series of pictures I don’t have room to post here. But I’ll show you just one more, to give you a taste of what awaits.


50 Shades Of Bacon


What’s worse than a poorly-written book on domestic violence thinly veiled as a romance novel? A parody of that book, written about the internet’s favorite food, bacon. One of the two authors describes himself as having a “passion for bacon.” We live in a world full of art, drama, music, prose, poetry, and animal videos, and your passion is bacon? Fucking bacon, the pork food? I want you to return all the oxygen you have ever breathed to the world, this instant.

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