Monthly Archives: May 2014

Amish Vampires In Space


“Jebediah has a secret  [...] that will send his people into space.” So begins the promotional copy of Amish Vampires In Space, and goes downhill from there. The intrepid can read some of it in the “Look Inside” link, though I don’t recommend it.

3D Nudist Adventure



You’ve seen nude yoga and nude housecleaning on this very blog before – but have you seen 3D Nudist Adventure, a SEVENTY-NINE DOLLAR blu-ray? The lone review gives it three stars, because the people in the video “have too many tan lines.” It’s made by Ukrainian Naturist Families, who have a bevy of similar videos, and may be called Russian Naturist Families by the time you read this, if the political climate hasn’t changed.

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