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Why Do Hot Sauce Manufacturers Love Ass?


What is it with hot sauce and the ass (the butt part of the body)? Why are they obsessed with it? I’m pretty sure that it’s just that Ass Kickin’ Hot Sauce (above) used the word Ass, and it sold well, and all the other hot sauce makers around the world figured it was due to use of the word ass. They might be right, actually, but that doesn’t mean there’s any excuse for food condiments to be named any one of these:

Those are all links leading to the products. They’re real hot sauce you can buy. You know, if you want to put Neal’s Hairy Ass on your hot dog.

Equestrians’ Yoga


Achieving union with a horse sounds disgusting, and potentially fatal. But Yoga For Equestrians shows us that, actually, you can just do yoga while you’re sitting on a horse, and then it’s, like, a crystal… energy… chakra… horse thing.

Too hippy-dippy and not enough pseudo-scientific mom-based body-movement? Check out Pilates For The Dressage Rider, which is exactly what it sounds like.

And if you’re worried about the horse, don’t be. Horses do plenty of yoga. Check out the Horse Yoga 2016 Calendar for 18 long months of horses stretching their shit.

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