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Shemale Football Weekend



You might have questions, looking at this book cover, such as “why is the football so big” and “doesn’t the title imply that the football is breaking gender taboos?” Let me bypass those questions and share with you an excerpt from this fine work of literature.

Entering were her friends Eileen (black shemale), Carl (sub male), and Beth (half-Asian, half-Black shemale). Jason got up and greeted everyone as Monica made the introductions. They brought with them a new pizza, 2 cases of beer, vodka, rum, and a couple of two liters of soda.

There’s more to read in the “Look Inside”, which, of course, I suggest you do.



Sure, TractionSocks are $10,000 for three pairs ($1,666.66 for each sock, if you do the math) but the important features of them are frff, ffff, f, ff, and fff.

Apparently I’m not the first one to find these, as they have a number of reviews.

The picture above is from the manufacturer. I don’t know what it’s supposed to mean. You look at it and tell me.

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