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What Is The Temperature Of Your Shower?


A showerhead that displays the temperature of its water would be a great idea if you had no other way of measuring the water temperature in your shower. Fortunately, most of us have figured out how to stick our hands into the shower before getting in by the time we get to showerhead-purchasing age. It doesn’t help that, according to the reviews, it also emits a loud screeching noise the entire time you’re taking a shower.

Ketchup 2, The Sequel To Ketchup


Ketchup 2 is, supposedly, the sequel to ketchup, the ubiquitous red sauce we all know and love. There have been similar attempts to make new condiments, one of which yielded the weirdly popular Famous Sauce. Out of morbid curiosity, I bought some Ketchup 2, and although it has 34 ingredients, it tastes mostly of vinegar. It has no expiration date, suggesting that it may have been bottled several years ago. But considering you can get Ketchup 1 for free at just about any low-grade restaurant or food-truck, I think the worst part of it all might be the price.

Your Phone’s Roomba


The Auto Mee S is a robotic screen-cleaner for a phone or tablet. You turn it on and it cleans your screen. It makes slightly more sense on a tablet (see the pic here) but I’m still not convinced it beats wiping your phone with your shirt.

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