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The Glasses, As Always


The salad days of 200x-era new year glasses are over. Now we suffer with monstrosities like 20201 (above), and global plague (no link.)

Dog Beer


Most dog owners know that dogs will eat anything, including an array of non-food household goods, and other animals’ poop. For those who own a dog and yet know nothing of the dog’s taste, there is Bowser Beer, a bizarrely expensive six-pack of bottles of mostly beef broth.

And for those who haven’t figured out that human-oriented peanut butter is a dog’s favorite food, there is Dogsbutter, a special peanut butter made for dogs which is more expensive and, I’m guessing (because I’m not going to buy it and taste it) probably worse than the regular king.

Thankfully, one reviewer of the dog beer notes, “I tried to give this to 3 different dogs and none of them would eat it… and one of them eats concrete.”

A Real Tarantula, For You To Eat


Intended for consumption, this huge tarantula has been boiled and dehydrated, ensuring all of its little prickly hairs will torture your throat on the way down, should you dare to eat it.  Most cultures who eat large insects fry them, since they’re more or less inedible unless you burn off and soften most of the disagreeable parts with hot oil.

Then again, it’s from the maker of “Moth Poop Tea”, which is exactly what it sounds like, so maybe the intent is more to dare people to eat intentionally-bad foods rather than broaden their palate to prepare for a climate-changed Earth where we’ll have to eat bugs for protein.

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