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Unicorn Urn


If you’ve never had to directly deal with someone dying, the sheer weight of having to make decisions about the physical body of someone else is overwhelming. Someone you knew, loved, talked to, now a large object to which something must be done immediately. Before you have time to even begin contemplating the loss, you must make decisions, arrangements, and, of course, payments. Even the simplest of options can run thousands of dollars, which you may not have. You begin to contemplate what will happen when you die, yourself. The money, the guilt, and the responsibility that you will leave in your wake simply by going motionless adds to your burden.

Anyway, one of your options is this $425 purple unicorn urn.

Buying & Selling The Souls Of Our Children


The minister John Paul Jackson passed from this earth in 2015, but not before writing this scare-tome to encourage parents to ban their children from Pokemon.

Unfortunately for Pokemon Company International, his campaign was successful, causing the Pokemon brand to go bankrupt and fail shortly after the book was published in the year 2000, leaving the world with nothing but memories of the once-popular Pokemon.

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