Desktop Moonshine Still


While it’s physically possible to ferment grains at home and then distill the resulting mash to make moonshine with this “desktop moonshine still,” it’s probably not a good idea.¬†Operating a moonshine still inside is a terrible idea, because it emits flammable ethanol vapors, which can concentrate inside and ignite.

Methanol, a byproduct of grain fermentation, is toxic, and with chemical properties and a boiling point close to that of ethanol, you’ll have a hard time keeping it out of your cute little glass of homemade ‘shine. In a larger batch of moonshine, like you might make with this six-gallon still, you can run it a while and throw away the first few cups of your batch, which will contain most of the methanol, making your homemade booze somewhat less toxic.

Even then, your moonshine will contain methanol, which can blind or kill you in small amounts, as well as create or contribute to a whole list of health problems. Your best bet for cheap booze is the liquor store or the grocery, depending on where you live, since it’s all made with industrially-distilled grain spirits, whose manufacturers are actually able to remove methanol from their products and must submit to regular testing. It’s boring, but it’ll kill you slowly over a number of years instead of immediately.

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