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Magnets Don’t Help You Sleep Or Heal


There are hundreds, possibly thousands of devices to block EMF radiation, long-held in the medical scam community to be the source of every mental and physical problem an alive human could experience. Yet, the EarthPulse Sleep On Command Sleep System operates an EMF transducer directly below your head while you sleep, and the same quacks say it’s great, and works.

It’s not cheap, of course.

There’s also a similarĀ “electromagnetic field therapy mat” which you unroll and lay on, or stand on, or sit on. It doesn’t really say! It’s almost exactly the same price as the sleep thing.

The PetPatch is an EMF transducer for your pets, which, thankfully, is an order of magnitude cheaper than the other two. It’s got me wondering, though – what if you installed a PetPatch and an eLink EMF Neutralizer crystal on your dog at the same time? I mean, nothing would happen, except the dog would try to take his necklace off, but it’s funny to imagine that any of these things exhibit any effect beyond reducing your bank balance.

Sweet Corn, And Other Lester’s Sodas


I had the misfortune of trying several of Lester’s Fixins sodas this week. The most palatable of them was the Sweet Corn soda, above, which tasted like drinking the liquid from a can of canned corn. The Coffee soda tasted like sugar-water with just a whiff of coffee in it. The Buffalo Wing soda was a sickly-sweet combination of vinegary pepper-sauce and lemon.

The worst, though, was the Peanut Butter and Jelly soda, which tasted kind of like a dog spitting some old Mr. Pibb into your mouth. It was fake-grapey, with a hint of something menacing and rotten in there somewhere that lingered for hours after I’d brushed my teeth.

I guess if you order five-dollar single bottles of soda, you don’t get what you want, but you probably get what you ask for.

Billionaire Dinosaur Orgy


As implausible as it sounds, a ripoff book has stepped in to steal the thunder from A Billionaire Dinosaur Forced Me Gay, a book I wrote about a few months back. This one is called Taken By A Billionaire Dinosaur Part Two: Jurassic Boner. You can “Look Inside” to read a bit of it on the product listing, but why? Just reflect on the phenomenon. This is the world we live in. We’re never leaving this planet. We’re stuck here with the dinosaurs, and they’re rich, and they want to fuck.

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