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Hot Sauce Asses


What is it with hot sauce and the ass (the butt part of the body)? Why are they obsessed with it? I’m pretty sure that it’s just that Ass Kickin’ Hot Sauce (above) used the word Ass, and it sold well, and all the other hot sauce makers around the world figured it was due to use of the word ass. They might be right, actually, but that doesn’t mean there’s any excuse for food condiments to be named any one of these:

Those are all links leading to the products. They’re real hot sauce you can buy. You know, if you want to put Neal’s Hairy Ass on your hot dog.

Prepper Hacks For Volcanoes


The psychotic world of “doomsday preppers” usually focuses on terrorists or a nuclear bomb. But this guy’s gone in a different direction, using a volcano as his trigger to live the fun fishing-and-camping life he desires.  One of the reviewers praises the book for its knowledge on “how volcanoes work.” Buddy, if you don’t know what a volcano is, your solution is another trip through third grade, not this book.

Of course, the main problem with all of this is that the thought process behind “Prepping” is solipsistic: these people want something terrible to happen to the Earth so that they can quit their job and spend the rest of their existence chilling somewhere, eating basement rice and charging their phones by burning sticks in a tiny USB canister.

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