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The Fizz Saver: Actually, More Like The Fizz Not-Saver


The Fizz Saver, according to the 200+ customer reviews, is the worst thing that’s come to soda since RC Cola. It leaks, it breaks, the design is flawed… so what can you do if you drink 2-liter bottles of soda? Apart from the fact that the bottles come with caps, the similarly-named Fizz Keeper seems to do the job.

But let’s veer back away from cheap products that work, and check out the Fizz-Keeper Can Pump And Pour, a device that clips to the top of a 12-ounce soda can and lets you “save” it for 3 weeks. This would allow you to drink 0.57 ounces of soda a day, an implausible amount for any human to intentionally drink, of any liquid.

Electric Objects: “A Computer For Art”


The Electric Objects EO-1 calls itself “a computer for art,” or, in other words, an expensive digital picture frame. Sure, you could buy a barely-over-hundred-buck 23″ monitor and turn it on its side, but would you have the frisson of acquiring an art-based crowdfunded sideways monitor? No way, buddy.

You could get an entire real computer for $69, and set it up to slideshow or maybe even generate some kind of moving art on your sideways screen. But, again… no deer head with fluorescent lights stuck through it.

The MuscleBra


Unfortunately, the manufacturers went with “Silicon muscle body suit body builder,” but I think MuscleBra is a perfect name for this product, designed to strap to your weak, hollow man-chest, and make you look as though you’ve triangled your upper body through years of weightlifting. The guy they picked to model it looks pretty supremely weird, but, hey, a non-weird guy probably isn’t going to strap on a MuscleBra.

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