Monthly Archives: September 2016

I’m Not Gay


This children’s shirt manages to convey hatred for homosexuals, the poor, sex workers, and children in only nine words. That puts it pretty squarely in the running to be the next Republican presidential candidate.

500 Ultimate Memes


Bragging that it has “relevant memes” for 2016, this e-book continues the practice of scraping bottom-of-the-barrel content from the web. Then again, you probably work with someone who has one of these on their desk, and uses the word “meme” as a verb.

Man Glitter


Man glitter isn’t a bag full of sawdust. Man glitter is when a man wearing one of these whips a handful of real, tiny, sparkly glitter into the air at a party, laughing hysterically as he imagines you, four years later, trying to vacuum one of those very pieces of glitter out of your living-room carpet.

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