Monthly Archives: February 2020

The Weird Uncle You Work With


Who likes to fake-fart? To make a long story short: children, and also the Weird Uncle character you have at work. Le Tooter is for the hard-core fartfucker, whose use of Fart Machine was unsatisfactory, and found Fart Machine #2 to be more realistic, yet still not tooty enough to be convincing. A spritz of Liquid Ass, the fecal smell-spray, completes the Weird Office Uncle package.

Finally: Showers For Men


Scrubbing your skin with a poofy loofah is “for girls,” says Axe, introducing the Axe Detailer, which is a loofah. But for men. It’s not a princess exfoliator for prettiness. It’s a hardware detailer for a man’s big, hard muscles. Maybe two guys get in the shower together, and Axe Detail each other, to make sure they get it all. Fuck yeah, bro. Men rule.

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