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The Wrong Way To Sell Leggings


If you’re trying to sell leggings to plus-sized women, you might want to have a regular woman just wear it like a human, instead of stuffing a skinny person into one half of them and holding them out like Jared Fogle. (The average adult woman in the USA wears a size 14, which is very nearly “plus-sized” to begin with, just as a point of reference.)

It’s not just this item, either – they sell this skirt-legging in the same “haha fat” way. All of their items have collected a number of negative reviews, but they still seem to think it’s funny to sell large clothing like this.

Fuck A Football


The upside of Fantasy Football Stroker isn’t that you can fuck the football. It’s that when you wear this shirt, nobody’ll know that you’re referring to fucking a plastic football.

(I blurred the entrance and exit of the football pic here due to the bizarre regulations on nudity that exist in our culture. Blame society, not me.)

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