Monthly Archives: November 2020

The New Unicycle


The Lunicycle is a reinvented unicycle. Unfortunately, unicycles aren’t unpopular because they’re hard to learn or because they have a “dead spot.” They’re unpopular because they’re worse than any other method of locomotion you might use, including the two-wheeled wiggly skateboard that requires you to thrash back and forth to move, and the Roller Racer.

Cupping: It’s Still Here


“Cupping” is an alternative/traditional-Chinese medicine technique of using suction to “pull toxins out of the body.” There’s dry cupping, wet cupping, vacuum cupping, flame cupping, and all of them work equally well, which is to say they don’t. (Cupping also results in broken blood vessels, and with cupping techniques that involve slicing or puncturing the skin before drawing a vacuum, there’s also the risk of infection and scarring.
This review of a cupping set is especially bizarre, though, as the reviewer posted a picture of herself tied down to a chair with the cups suctioned onto her legs. As the song goes, “Wet cups, you get cupped.”

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