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Being Spied Upon By Your Stuff


These innocuous-looking wireless headphones are now the subject of a class-action suit for violating laws regarding privacy. A customer discovered that the headphones were sending data about his listening habits to third-party companies.

And, less safe-for-work, a similar class-action suit is being brought against the makers of this app-controlled vibrator, for sending data about its customers’ sex practices back to the company.

Your programmable thermostat knows when you’re not home, your Bluetooth deadbolt knows when you come and go, your networked light-bulbs know when you’re awake and what rooms you spend time in, and all three of those brag that they can be used directly with Amazon Alexa, the open microphone that listens to everything that happens in your house.

Finally, the Amazon Show has a camera that streams video of your bedroom. Thankfully, nothing ever happens in your bedroom that you’d want to keep other people from seeing.

Cat Music For Cats


The premise for this album is that cats listen to music, which they don’t. Customer reviews are mixed, but those who gave it five stars say their cats responded to it by going to sleep, which is something cats do for at least twelve hours a day regardless of what you’ve got on the stereo.

There are other albums meant for cats to listen to (those are two separate, different albums.) And there are also albums for dogs, who also do not listen to music. The only way a dog’s listening to anything is if it’s a one-hour recording of dogs barking.

The Countdown Watch


The original idea behind Tikker was that you calculate how long you’re going to live, punch it in, and then watch the grains of sand slip through the hourglass of your life. That’s dark enough that I’d give it a pass, but according to its terrible customer reviews, it’s poorly made, hard to program, and considers a month to be exactly thirty days, rendering it useless for its pivot application of giving a countdown to an event or due-date of a project.

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