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Recipes in jars


You may never have run across one of these, but the premise of a “recipe in a jar” is that someone sifts together dry ingredients for a recipe and gives it to you as a “gift.” Your duty, as the recipient, is to add milk, eggs, butter, and other perishable ingredients, and then cook it, and then clean up after yourself, and then, purportedly, eat the recipe of unknown origin. Adding to the mystery of this book in particular is the fact that it has a ton of 5-star reviews that just say “Love it!” and are not suspicious at all.

I will gladly eat almost anyone’s home cooking, but I will never, ever cook someone’s weird recipe they found somewhere and put in a fucking jar.

Sexy Costumes For The Women Of 2014

monsters-inc-sulley-women monsters-inc-sulley-men

In this year’s rundown of sexy women’s Halloween costumes, I’ve posted the women’s costume on the left, and the men’s costume (i.e. how the character actually looks) on the right. Just in case you thought the main character from Monsters Inc. had exposed, tanned thighs showing between his short skirt and leg-warmers.

sonic-the-hedgehog-costume-women sonic-the-hedgehog-costume-men

“Gotta go… fast,” Sonic The Woman Hedgehog sighed, slipping on her ankle-warmers and three-inch heels.

duff-beer-costume-women duff-beer-costume-men

I could show you sexy women’s versions of what men are doing all day.

thing-2-women thing-2-men

Just like society.

Liquid Trust


“Liquid Trust” is a tiny, expensive bottle of body spray that contains oxytocin, designed to make other people trust you when they smell you. It doesn’t work in this way, since oxytocin is not very volatile (i.e. it doesn’t go from liquid to gaseous phase and disperse in the air.) You won’t experience any effects from the oxytocin yourself, either, since it doesn’t readily absorb through skin and wouldn’t cross the blood-brain barrier even if it did.

If you’re looking for a way for people to like you and trust you more, I’d suggest you try to be less of an asshole.

Infant Circumcision Trainer


(The picture has been pixellated here to comply with society’s weird penis standards, but you can see the uncensored version on the manufacturer’s listing.)

Ritual male circumcision is no longer as popular as it once was in the United States, which is good, as the foreskin, which is removed in a circumcision, serves several important penis-related functions. It’s probably good that doctors who are asked to perform this unnecessary surgery on babies have practice, but its existence in 2014 just goes to show you how hard it is to wipe out a superstitious penis belief.

There’s a similar circumcision trainer for adults, but since adults can give consent to voluntary surgery, it’s not nearly as terrible.

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