Twinkie Maker


“Saves time and money,” brags the manufacturer of the Twinkie Maker, a $35 appliance that allows you to spend additional time and money manufacturing Twinkies at home.

Make Espresso While You Drive


Finally, no more stopping by the side of the road to pull shots of espresso! You can make it while you drive, from the comfort of the driver’s seat, with the Handspresso Auto.

They sell “unbreakable” plastic cups as an accessory for it, so if you’re involved in a collision while brewing, you can pick them out of the wreckage, rinse them off, and be up and running as soon as you get a new car.

Bitcoin Mining, Still


It’s not surprising that a Bitcoin mining device costs $499, or that they’re still available in 2015 despite the crash of the imaginary currency’s value. (It’s impossible to even pay back your cost of electricity with a Bitcoin mining device now, of course.) What is surprising is that it’s currently the #1 best-seller in the “computer servers” category.

Imagine thousands of people clamoring to buy a desktop device that manufactures Tamagotchis, except a hacker can’t steal your Tamagotchi remotely, from his home in Bulgaria.

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