Pet highchair


Plopping my dog in a bucket at the end of my table where I eat my human food seems like a great way to ruin every meal. But, according to the manufacturer, it’s “a great way to enjoy time with your pet.” I already spend a significant amount of time every day trying to keep my dog away from food that my family is eating, so I’m not sure about that, but the customer reviews are positive. You should read them and try to imagine the lives of the various customers who are writing about their dogs. They are lonely when their dogs are not able to sit at food-level and stare at their food. They need the dog to be attached to the table. The dogs are scared of the bucket at first, but then they like it, they like it, good dog, good dog (rocking back and forth) good dog good dog good dog




The fashion designer leapt onto the conference table, brandishing a plastic butter knife. “CAW!” he shouted, the plastic wings on his back rustling. “Caw, caw! FashionWings(TM) are trademarked! TRADEMARKED! CAW! So nobody BETTER not EVER take my brand name! CAW, CAW!”

With that, he threw a chair through the seventeenth-story window, and leapt out.

Back To Back


This “Back To Back World War Champs” hat is kinda funny. Not for the fact that the United States “won” a war that killed a half-million of its own citizens (worldwide fatalities of both World Wars combined are around 80-100 million people.) But because it’s cool to think of the Chicago Bulls, for example, winning a couple of championships and then going into Afghanistan cause they heard they were starting a basketball team.

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