Bible Verse Flask


If you’re going to pick a Bible verse to print on a flask, you’d probably want to go with one about how it’s good to drink. I feel like it maybe even had a story about a guy making his own wine for everyone to drink at a wedding.

How To Talk Like Human


The cover of this book doesn’t give you a true picture of the horrors that lay within. Slyly disguised as a guide to ease social interactions, it’s actually a bizarrely awkward and insulting guide for how to approach women. I don’t think the author has ever had a conversation with another human being, as evinced by this excerpt:

You: I recently started training Brazilian jiu-jitsu (or any hobby of yours) and it’s helping me express bottled up emotions.

Her: Wow that sounds so cool.

Really, though, you’d have to hit the “Look Inside” to see the true scope of this book’s robotic word-terror.

Steampunk flask


Tyler checked his wrist-mounted barometer. “Low air pressure,” he sighed. “I’d better have some tonic.” He unsnapped the Steampunk Flask from its leather holster and took a swig of Ecto Cooler.

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