Biofuel Caffeinated Popcorn


If you buy caffeinated popcorn, either you’re eating popcorn for breakfast, or you’re slamming pure caffeine to your face at night while you watch a movie. Maybe that’s how you live though. Backing into parking spaces, checking out with more than 15 items in the express lane… the dangerous life.

Phantom Keystroker



Plug the “Phantom Keystroker” into someone else’s computer and watch as it types characters and makes random mouse movements. Ha ha, your computer is harder to use now and messes up what you’re doing! Owned!

Pen Scanner


This $130 pen scanner would have been a lot more useful about twenty years ago. As it is, we have cameras attached to our phones, laptops, and tablets that can produce higher-quality images of text than this thing.


What did you scan that with? A potato?

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