LED Word Clock


The LED Word Clock isn’t the most annoying clock in the world. Sure, it costs a stupid amount of money, and it takes a practical function and turns it into a chore. But in my opinion, The Runaway Alarm Clock, which combines the unreadability of a small, unlit LCD with the fact that it rolls itself off of your nightstand on purpose, is probably the worst clock you could buy, if you’re looking to tell time.

Of course, neither of these is the Louis XVI bronze mantel clock, which is the price of a very nice car, or a small house (in Ohio.)

Shitty Laser Tag


The HEX3 Laser Blaster is a laser tag game that requires you buy multiple laser guns and hook them up to multiple iPhones to play.

Then, you discover (as many customers did) that it doesn’t work inside of a house. So unless you’ve got your own private laser tag warehouse, it’s not much use.

If you’re looking for something fun to do indoors this summer, try this instead. No iPhone required.

you are now “on-line”


This album is 17 years old, but you’ve got to hand it to Trick Daddy for titling his sophomore album “,” and titling the first track “Log In.”  (Please go and listen to “Log In,” if you have six seconds to spare. That’s how long it is.)

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