Marshmallow Peeps Album


The Marshmallow Peeps album was released in the fall of 2001, in the shadow of the World Trade Center tragedy. It was a time when footage of the crumbling buildings was still being broadcast 24/7 on network television, and the media was pumping us up as hard as they could for the inevitable war against a lot of people who didn’t do it.

Some took the echoing late-2001 refrain “Irony is dead” as a sobering statement of just how scared many people were. The Just Born company, manufacturer of Marshmallow Peeps, must have taken this literally. “Finally,” the CEO must have said, “we can release our Marshmallow Peeps album as a sincere artistic work, and all the people of the world can enjoy this work without the tiring layers of irony that would have otherwise been heaped upon its easily-breakable jewel case.”

Either that, or the government rounded up the worst singers in the country, recorded them, and branded it as a Marshmallow Peeps CD so nobody would accidentally listen to a collection of music designed to be used to torture foreign combatants.

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