Chocolate-covered pork rinds


Low-carb diets can work well and enable you to restrict your calorie intake without feeling bad. But eating “Pork Chocs”, which are sugar-free milk-chocolate-coated pork rinds, are the worst way to go about this.

Both pork rinds and milk chocolate are full of fat, which isn’t necessarily terrible, but if you’ve ever known an Atkins dieter you know they’re going to eat the whole bag of this nasty shit in one go, as a snack. Then eat bacon for lunch and steak and cheese for dinner. I know all of this because I did the Atkins diet last decade. I would have eaten Pork Chocs, maybe. I don’t know. It’s impossible to say what you’ll do in a crisis situation until it happens. All I know is I’m glad I don’t live in Atkins world anymore, where plain yogurt is full of evil carbs, but it’s okay to slam a pound of pig fat into your greasy maw, screaming “IT’S ZERO CARB, IT’S DIET FOOD” at anyone who asks why you’re filling yourself with animal oil like a deep frier.

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