Replacement computer keys


This set of replacement computer keys seems to be a collection of half-formed thoughts which were hastily rounded up and set out for sale before they could be refined at all, let alone made into a coherent product.

There are many products which are a meaningless collection of garbage, but what pushes this one over the top is the set of pictures the manufacturer provides. One of them is a 90s-era Mac keyboard, with “Damn It” in place of the 6 key, and “Oh Shit” in a spot where there are no keys to begin with. Another picture has the “X&%#!” key stuck to the front of a television. And yet another picture has some kind of quilt and says “Holiday Squares Gift Wrap.”

If there is one redeeming thing to be found in Novelty Computer Keys (6 Items) it’s the fact that I’m not the only one who drinks at the computer, releasing work of questionable utility into the world.

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