A “prank”


This little thing is a “prank” which emits a random beep (or other sound) every 5 minutes. Since it does this so seldomly, it’s impossible to find if you’re looking for it. So, if someone’s put one of these in your home or office, you’ve either got to wait out the month until the battery dies, or you’ve got to go around on your hands and knees looking for it.

It’s not the worst thing in the world but it seems like the same kind of “prank” that frat guys do where they punch their girlfriend in the face and say it’s a prank. Putting tape on the bottom of someone’s optical mouse is a prank. Installing a beeping device in your workplace to make everyone else’s day worse all the time just means you’re an asshole, and when your coworkers find it, they’ll know it was you, because they already know you’re an asshole.


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