Is the vagina going insane


Is the vagina going insane or is the insanity vaginal? The book “Vagina Insanity” answers the question no one asked. Here’s an excerpt:

My hand reached down her floss and then felt a soft touch of her labia majora while creeping through her pubic symphysis. From the back, I was still able to see her butt crack intoxicating me to have action gagnée. Her entire physic getting crammed up, was enticing me to give her Aussie kiss. She had a rampant drive of sex and her dazzling beauty was giving me the pre-penetrating feel of ecstasy and orgasm.

Someone typed these words (and thousands more – click through to the “Look Inside” if you dare) and then looked at it and thought “Fuck yeah, this is some true vagina insanity. I have to release this beast.”

The punchline to all of this: The author owns a company purporting to teach English.

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