Superfoods: A food trend


The word “Superfoods” is a marketing term for fruits and vegetables. A “superfood breakfast” means that you eat fruits and vegetables in the morning. “Superfood gardening” means that you grow fruits and vegetables in your garden. In the year 2013, the idea that you can rip some plants out of the ground and eat them is so amazing to so many people that you can make a career out of telling people to eat plants.

Western civilization as a whole doesn’t know how to feed itself food from the ground, and we cancelled the space program because it’s not profitable. We will be stuck here on Earth until the species dies out. One last alive person will hold a head of cabbage in one hand and scratch his head with the other, his final thought, “why am I so hungry? What do I do with this green round thing? Where a french fry at?”

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