Butane Hash Oil: Weed Explosion


Is that a big-ass glass dildo? NO! It’s a “butane hash oil extractor”, which is a glass tube that you fill with weed, and then spray butane lighter fuel through to make an extraction of the active ingredients. Proponents of hash oil claim it’s more pure than smoking weed itself, which, if you ignore the fact that the solvent is meant to be burned rather than consumed, might be the case.

The problem is not with the extractors, though. It’s the fact that butane is extremely volatile, and, as you might expect from the fact that it fuels cigarette lighters, flammable. People attempting to make hash oil at home have experienced everything from kitchen fires to whole-house fires to apartment-building fires to explosions. If you were to do this kind of thing, you’d want to do it outside, with gloves and safety goggles, not on your kitchen stove while you’re smoking weed, but safety protocol is hard to remember when you’re enormously high.

The flip side to the boom in stoners performing volatile, explosive extractions of weed at home is that someone figured out that CBD, one of the myriad psychoactive ingredients in weed, MIGHT BE legal to posess. In certain states, or maybe all of them. Nobody knows for sure. Since it’s MAYBE legal, you can, in fact, buy hemp oil containing 18% CBD online, although it’ll cost you roughly $44 a gram. It’s extracted using roughly the same process as in the glass dildo full of weed. Unfortunately, CBD is the compound in weed which tends to make you confused, hungry, and sleepy, and possesses few of the positive effects associated with marijuana, medical or otherwise. At least it’s already been through the dildo, so you won’t blow your eyebrows off trying to distill it from some flowers that wouldn’t be illegal if they didn’t put minorities in jail.

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