Big Top Giant Donut Maker


There are dozens of donut makers on the market. Some of them are kitchen tools to help you manually drop dough into hot oil. One is a “donut factory” which shoots donut dough out onto a tiny conveyor belt and drops donuts out the end. There’s even a donut maker shaped like a big donut.

But this one makes donuts that are twenty-five times larger than a regular donut. You pour donut batter into the mold and bake it in the oven. They have recipes for making a giant jelly donut, glazing your giant donut, et cetera.

A regular glazed donut has around 350 calories, which means Giant Donut has 8,750 calories. As you might imagine, one of the customer complaints is that the giant donut is not as big as the customer wanted it to be.


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