Terrifying Cat Taxidermy


This item is truly disgusting, so I’ve taken the liberty of blurring it. You can view it in all its unblurred glory on the product listing page if you’re curious. It’s the worst taxidermy I’ve ever seen, and here’s why:

1. It’s just half a cat.

2. The cat’s fur is dirty, stained, and matted.

3. The cat’s body is twisted in eternal terror.

4. The cat has no eyes.

5. The cat’s tongue is hanging out the side of its mouth and its mouth is locked in a frozen scream.

I think taxidermy is fine in general, but this cat definitely should have been buried instead of nailed to a hunk of wood and posted for sale. The same seller also has a dismembered cat head for sale, which they have described as “super cute”, which it is not.

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