Secondhand Meme Profits: The Doge Shirt


Why come up with your own ideas?


The internet has ideas on it already. Just reach out and take them. Take two of them if you like.


If you’re careful, you won’t even have to put a graphic on it.

doge-shirt-4We’ll be seeing this one for years. It’ll be in mall kiosks. They still sell “I Like Turtles” shirts from that one video, from 2007, after all.


But, perhaps, after something ceases to be funny, when the humor has stiffened and begun to rot, the maggots of secondhand profits must carry it away, bit by bit, to become something else. And just like jokes on the internet, we, too, must be plundered, by bacteria, worms, and bugs, until finally our skeletons crumble, every last bit drawn up by a plant or animal to sustain themselves. So eternal. Much unity. Wow.

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