Man Cave Rules: A wall decal


I think the idea of a “man cave” is cringeworthy, and this $39 wall decal with “Man Cave Rules”¬†explains why. It’s not a masculine room if it has a word decal on the wall and you can pick from 29 colors, including “Mustard”, “Key Lime”, “Blue Grey” and “Antique Violet.”

Yeah, bro, this antique violet lettering is a true display of my celebration of masculinity. Want a beer? Here you go– whoa, whoa! No, bro! Don’t throw that cap into the trash! Put it in my satin flower basket! WAIT NO I MEAN MY MAN RECYCLING BIN. NO LAUGHING BRO IT MATCHES MY WHITE SATIN CHAIR COVER. I MEAN MY MAN-BUTT HOLDER. I MEAN SPORTS. BEER ME.

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