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Milked By Force


Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re settling in for a culturally-mandated gift exchange with your life partner or getting owned by the constant reminders that you are painfully alone, Milked By Force: The Complete Collection is a book you won’t enjoy. It may, however, make you appreciate that you aren’t into non-consensual human lactation.

These books were so poorly written that even discerning lactation consumer “Anime9999″ gave it only four stars out of five. If the lactationers won’t five-star a lactation story, you know it’s gonna be a real turd in the breastmilk.

As always, you can hit the “Look Inside” link to view the depths of this tithorror, if you’re not eating.

Wonderbag Portable Slow Cooker


The Wonderbag is a $50 cloth-and-foam insulating bag. The idea is that you can slow-cook your food by boiling it in a pot and then bagging it up inside the Wonderbag, where it’s insulated from cooling and continues to slow-cook for the next few hours, like a crock-pot, without power consumption.

Unfortunately, not only is this a $50 cloth bag, but it doesn’t insulate well enough to keep food above the minimum required temperature to stop bacterial growth (140 F.) One reviewer measured her Wonderbag food at 128 degrees after 5 hours of cooking, which suggests not only that it’s not a safe way to cook food, but that you likely can’t leave your food in it for 8 hours (a typical crock-pot recipe cooking time) as it would be nearly cold and riddled with bacteria.

The company does promise to donate a Wonderbag to a family in Africa for every one you buy, though, so if your goal is to wipe out the population of an entire continent through food-borne illness, this may be the fifty-dollar bag for you.

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