Wasn’t It Smart Of God


The book “Wasn’t It Smart Of God?” is a collection of nonsensical God-themed Facebook-memes-from-your-one-aunt, meant to illustrate the divine beauty of creation. Regardless of your spiritual bent, they’re generally like “If God didn’t love us, He wouldn’t have given us bridges, and we’d have to drive in the water!”

“Wasn’t it smart of God to give us hard knuckles so we can knock on doors?” it asks. Well, I mean… it’s–

“Wasn’t it smart of God to give us fevers when we’re sick or in love?” You don’t get a fever when you fall in–

“Wasn’t it smart of God to give us ears and noses to hold up our glasses?” I can’t continue, but if you can, hit the “Look Inside” link to see more.

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