Sexy Costumes For The Women Of 2014

monsters-inc-sulley-women monsters-inc-sulley-men

In this year’s rundown of sexy women’s Halloween costumes, I’ve posted the women’s costume on the left, and the men’s costume (i.e. how the character actually looks) on the right. Just in case you thought the main character from Monsters Inc. had exposed, tanned thighs showing between his short skirt and leg-warmers.

sonic-the-hedgehog-costume-women sonic-the-hedgehog-costume-men

“Gotta go… fast,” Sonic The Woman Hedgehog sighed, slipping on her ankle-warmers and three-inch heels.

duff-beer-costume-women duff-beer-costume-men

I could show you sexy women’s versions of what men are doing all day.

thing-2-women thing-2-men

Just like society.

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