Cards Against Hilarity


You’re no doubt familiar with Cards Against Humanity (now in its 6th iteration.) It’s the popular card game that allows you to say things like “Shitting midgets ate my grandma’s corpse” or “Hitler”  in an open-ended comedy-game format. But as the free market allows games like this to thrive, it also mercilessly continues to fill out the niche with imitators. Look at Cads About Matrimony, a marriage-themed ripoff of the Cards Against Humanity format. Or Crabs Adjust Humidity, a “raunchier” version of the original. The latter has been so popular (i.e. profitable) that it’s got four different boxes’ worth of cards. Imitation is the sincerest, and most lucrative, form of flattery.

EDIT: My buddy @cheesegod69 just showed me another one: “Cards For The Masses.”

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