Hydrogen Fuel Cell For iPhones


This fuel-cell reactor uses hydrogen gas to produce 5v power to charge an iPhone. The downside to this is that you’ve got to carry canisters of hydrogen gas with you wherever you intend to recharge your phone, which is a dangerous proposition at best. Also, it charges a phone at about half the speed of a regular 120v wall charger, meaning you’ve got to leave a hydrogen reactor going for several hours if you want a full charge on your phone.

If you need something portable to recharge your phone with, you probably want an Anker battery, which is about half the price of the hydrogen-burning hell machine up there, and comes with the added bonus of not setting you up for a Hindenburg on your camping trip. Or if you’re dying to burn something in the pursuit of electricity, why not go whole-hog and get a 7500-watt gas generator?┬áIt weighs 211 pounds, but then again, so do a lot of us.

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