What Is Kaqun Water?


Kaqun Water is one of dozens of “oxygenated water” scams that claim that it “alkalizes your body” and “detoxifies” you. Even though it costs $15 a bottle, it does nothing, as you might expect. There’s no way to effectively dissolve a significant amount of gaseous oxygen into liquid water at room temperature, and even if you could, you wouldn’t absorb it through your stomach and intestines. Your body’s only effective way of absorbing oxygen is through the lungs.

The only real way to get more oxygen (O2) into water (H2O) is to add hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to your water, which, thankfully, Kaqun Water has not done. Drinking hydrogen peroxide would damage your gastrointestinal tract, or kill you, depending on how “detoxified” you wanted to get.

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