Monthly Archives: April 2015

Bitcoin Mining, Still


It’s not surprising that a Bitcoin mining device costs $499, or that they’re still available in 2015 despite the crash of the imaginary currency’s value. (It’s impossible to even pay back your cost of electricity with a Bitcoin mining device now, of course.) What is surprising is that it’s currently the #1 best-seller in the “computer servers” category.

Imagine thousands of people clamoring to buy a desktop device that manufactures Tamagotchis, except a hacker can’t steal your Tamagotchi remotely, from his home in Bulgaria.

The Pettibon Weighting System


The field of chiropractic medicine is full of quacks. One of these is Dr. Burl Pettibon, who developed a system of weights that patients wear to “correct their posture” that is deemed to be asymmetrical or incorrect under his system. His practices advocate for the continual “correction” of patients who do not currently experience any pain or problems with their spine. As you might imagine, the chronic use of neck weights and traction can cause pain, nerve damage, and tissue damage that weren’t present prior to use.

But, hey, if you want to pay hundreds of dollars to strap metal bars to your head, it’s a free country. No one’s gonna stop you from ruining your body because you believed some guy who’s taking your money.

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