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The BioBidet: Future Ass-Washer

bio-bidet-future-toilet-ass-washerYou might think I’m going to go in on the practice of washing your ass with hot water. I’m not. Having a pre-heated jet of body-temperature water spray your starfish from the BioBidet is one of life’s amazing luxuries. You go about the rest of your day cleaner than anyone who hasn’t bideted, and it’s like having a miniature spa for the hardest-working, least-appreciated hole on your body. (Watch the video if you don’t believe me.)

But that’s the problem, actually. You could go for the $26 cheapo bidet attachment instead of the several-hundred-dollar BioBidet. It’s hygenic, but instead of jacuzziïng your tunnel with warm water and gently drying it with a fan of warm air, you shock it with cold pipe water. A brutal wake-up call instead of a day at the ass-sauna.

And what of using the bathroom at work, or in public? It goes from a pleasant break in your day to a begrudging acceptance of the fact that you’re wasting a sit-down in a cold, shitty echo-chamber. Someone invariably wipes their boogers on the wall. No ass fan. All of your future shit sessions feel like a scene from Brazil, sharing part of a tiny room with another person who steals even your solitude. Life is shit.  

How To Ruin The Environment: Soda Edition


It’s been well-established for years that K-Cups, the non-recyclable plastic pod system for making single cups of coffee, are an environmental disaster. But the Keurig corporation wasn’t satisfied with turning the cheap, eco-friendly drip coffee process into a nightmare of plastic hell. They’ve now introduced Keurig Kold, which does the same for soda, turning its easily-recyclable aluminum cans into a similarly eco-terrorizing cavalcade of landfilled plastic cups.

Adding insult to injury, the machine itself is north of three hundred bucks, with the pods costing ten to fifteen bucks for a pack of four. Yes, that’s $2.50 to $3.75 each. For an eight-ounce drink.  

Squirrel Poop: Not Actually A Medicine


This is one pound of squirrel feces, being sold as a “medicinal grade Chinese herb.” Obviously, squirrel poop doesn’t treat, prevent, or cure any known illness. But there’s a deeper truth in this. Traditional Chinese Medicine, a name meant to evoke the wisdom of the ancients, was popularized in the 1950s by Chairman Mao Zedong’s government. Although the government knew that it was ineffective, the citizens in post-war China generally couldn’t afford Western medicine, and so it was established as a way for the government to trick the people into believing they had access to medical care.

While it’s true that people have been sniffing squirrel shit and eating spiders in the name of “medicine” for centuries, it’s also worth noting that contemporaneous treatments included ingestion of mercury and arsenic, bloodletting, and trepanation. Since this medical hoax belongs to another culture, it’s easy to ignore it, and pretend that making tea out of a parasitic fungus that takes over the nervous system of insects is a legitimate medical treatment that we just don’t understand as Americans. But the guy selling squirrel shit is just as bad as Dr. Oz selling a bag of raspberry ketones: either way, you stay sick, and they get rich.

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