Murder Is Money


Some people, the day after a tragedy, feel sad. Some people feel angry. Some people talk, some people stay silent. But only the true pieces of shit think, “how can I make money off the mass-murder of others?” That’s where the France Paris Attacks Pray For Paris Peace shirt, above, comes in. Gotta make sure you hit all those SEO keywords to max out your murder money! Also see: DLQUEEN Men’s Pray For Paris, Women’s Paris Pray, and the weirdly-gruesome “My Thoughts Go To All French People Tonight” toddler-sized shirt for 2-to-6-year olds.¬†Who is putting a shirt on their 2-year-old to celebrate the murder of over a hundred people?

Also, if you want a hint as to how fast people rush to stake their claim in this wretched market: the “PRAR FOR PARIS” (sic) shirt shows that these pieces of shit don’t even bother to double-check before they slam the design online.

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