Monthly Archives: May 2017

Hamilton: The Memes


Who would have imagined that the Venn-diagram of people who like memes and people who like Hamilton would overlap into an e-book? Besides me, I mean.

Use the “Look Inside” if you feel like you really need to see what’s inside this book.

Female Coin Flip


Coming in at many times the price of an actual coin that’s worth money, the Female Flip Coin is a non-legal tender coin meant for any occasion where you would flip a coin. Curiously, the naked-man version is about 40% less expensive.

528 Hertz: The Hoax Frequency


This tuning fork vibrates at 528 Hz, a frequency close to C5 as played on a piano in standard tuning. But it’s intended for use to repair your DNA, which, as you imagine, is not something a tuning fork can accomplish. (There are several “sacred frequencies,” all reputed to accomplish various medical effects. And, of course, you can buy a set of tuning forks to cover all of them.)

There’s also a music CD that plays the 528 Hz tone, also intended to repair your DNA.

If you don’t yet think this is a deep pool of insanity, you should read the description, if not the text, of “The Book of 528: Prosperity Key Of Love,” an insane 528 Hz-based book written by a dentist.

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