Frost Pipe: A Weed Pipe Made Out Of Ice


Frost Pipe is more or less a popsicle mold with an insert to let you smoke weed out of it. (There’s more detail in the photo gallery here.) As you might guess from thinking about it for a few seconds, customers report that it’s hard to set up and hard to use, with the most common complaint being that it melts, getting your face and hands wet.

The similar product Eyce, a mold to make a bong out of ice, works about as well as Frost Pipe, with customers reporting that it’s hard to get out of the mold and melts when you use it.

As it turns out, legalization (in a few states, at least) hasn’t changed the landscape of weed accessories, with the only notable change being that the manufacturers actually show weed in their promotional materials, instead of claiming it’s for tobacco, or in the case of this weed-accessory, parsley.

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