Monthly Archives: September 2017

Meat Tenderizer


No, it’s not an accessory to beat your meat, or whip your chicken. That’s why it’s got those spikes on the bottom, to keep you from sitting on it. It’s like the spikes they put on signs to keep pigeons off, or the spikes they put in entryways to keep homeless people from sleeping there.

The Negg


The Negg is a boiled-egg peeler. I’ve written about egg products countless times – the Eggstractor, Eggmaster, Egg Genie, Eggbot, and Egg Cuber, to name a few. You’ve been living in the black-and-white world where you can’t cook or eat eggs for too long. Buy one of each and live in the full color, all-smiles universe of Egg Products.

The Butt Mirror


Faced with the problem of how to take a photo of a mirror, this manufacturer chose to photoshop a naked butt into it. (Pixellated here, but original pic is on the listing.)

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