Monthly Archives: October 2017

Energy Power Saver


This box, labeled as “Power Saver,” claims to reduce the electricity consumption of whatever you plug into it. It doesn’t, as evinced by the numerous customer reviews correctly indicating that it didn’t reduce the power consumption of their appliances. Not everyone hates it, though. There are two five-star reviews from users named “Customer” and “Custy,” who is, most likely, “Customer” wearing a fake mustache.


Bripe, The Coffee Crack Pipe


Using nothing more than water, ground coffee, and the included crack kitchen torch, the Bripe coffee kit allows you to make coffee anywhere. You simply hold the janky pipe apparatus in front of your face like a crack regular pipe, and heat the bowl using your crack kitchen torch. It’s even made of copper, to give you that Chore Boy taste. A treat for all adventurers.

Ball Refill


There’s no clinical evidence that “semen volumizers,” a class of supplements which claim to make you create more semen when you ejaculate, actually do such a thing. And there’s no clinical evidence that ejaculatory volume is tied to subjective measurements of pleasure, either. But you’ve got to hand it to Ball Refill for its name, when its competitors’ products are called Ejaculoid, RopeX, and BIGJIZ.

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