Molon Labe, Grumpy Cat


“Grumpy Cat hates GUN control,” says the description of this truck-sticker combining Grumpy Cat with “molon labe,” the Greek phrase roughly meaning “come and take them.” Originally referring to the melee weapons of the Greeks in the 5th century BC, it’s been used as an anti-gun-control slogan in recent years. It’s often comorbid with “cold, dead hands,” an NRA slogan dating from the 1970s. The latter is seen more frequently, as on this Black Rifles Matter shirt.

Grumpy Cat, by the way, has overtaken Calvin as a universal symbol of defiance. “Grumpy Cat Doesn’t Care About Your Stick Figure Family” is a great companion to theĀ “You have your family, I have mine” sticker. And it’s easy to imagine a dude cruising around with a “Your Prius… It Sucks” sticker as well as a Grumpy Cat Suction-Cup plush doll attached to his windshield. The last cat to go viral enough to sell suction-cup car plushes was Garfield, so perhaps it’s no surprise that he’s appearing with Grumpy Cat in a crossover this year, imaginately titled “Grumpy Cat & Garfield.”

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