Steampunk Alphabet


The Steampunk Alphabet, a childrens’ book, may be weirdly dated, since I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone use the word “steampunk” unironically in the past five years. At least it’s not Steampunk ABC, a book that was published a year after Steampunk Alphabet, whose author apparently thought “Great idea! Me too!” upon seeing the first book.

As cringe-inducing as both of these may be, though, neither holds a candle to Baby Loves Thermodynamics, one of a series of books intended to teach advanced physics concepts to toddlers, and which must somehow dodge the implications of the Second Law Of Thermodynamics: that the entropy in the universe is ever-increasing, and that eventually, long after we are gone, its free energy will asymptotically decrease to zero. I guess it beats telling your kids that God is bowling when it thunders.

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