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Ember Smart Travel Mug


Do you remember the Ember Smart Mug from last month? It’s now available as a travel mug. It is shown here on its charger, which is something that all coffee mugs should require, if you think about it.

Carbage Can


As I’ve noted before, there are some products where it’s obvious the creator thought of the name before creating the product, and Carbage Can is one of those.

BeauBog enlargement cream


Not only does boob-get-bigger cream not work in general, but one customer reports she had to go to the hospital after having an allergic reaction to the “all-natural ingredients” of BeauBog.

Also, BoyfriendSwamp is a terrible name for a product.

(The competing products, such as Standard Women’s Breast Cream, Bella Natural Herbal Breast, BUSTMAXX, Slim Extreme 4D Bust Enhancing Serum, and Big Bust Up Breast Oil are reviewed similarly poorly, but I’m including them here because of their names.)

Scooby Doo Memes


The trudge through this culture’s recycled content continues, with “101+ Scooby Doo Memes” as just one example of an e-collection of downloaded jpegs which have been chucked onto Amazon in an attempt to monetize intellectual property dating back to the 1960s, or in the case of “101+ Pacman Memes,” 1980. You can even find recycled content from as recent as 2012, as with this December 2017-published title, “Hilarious Rages Comics,” featuring the ten or fifteen old drawings of people having emotions that were popular a few years ago.

The people who know what any of this is or what it means would likely not drop three bucks on a Kindle e-book, as they’ve already seen it and know where to get more, but the march continues onward, with no end in sight.

BrilliantPad, the self-cleaning dog pad


The premise of BrilliantPad is that you can train your dog to pee and crap on the pad, and then the machine sucks the turds and pee-soaked pad into one end, rolling it up, and pulling out a fresh pad from the other side. Disregarding the price of the unit itself, the rolls cost around $25-30 each, and though, suspiciously, none of the glowing five-star reviews mention how long they last, one critical review of a guy with two small dogs says they last “1-2 weeks.”

Even though this seems like the most expensive way to possibly deal with your dog’s output, it’s at least better than PetSafe Pet Loo, a system that saves and stores your dog’s urine in a large tray, and whose users say their dogs won’t pee on it, won’t even stand on it, and chew up the astroturf on top.

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