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Caffeinated Popcorn


If you buy caffeinated popcorn, either you’re eating popcorn for breakfast, or you’re slamming pure caffeine to your face at night while you watch a movie. Maybe that’s how you live though. Backing into parking spaces, checking out with more than 15 items in the express lane… the dangerous life.

The Ham Dogger


In case you’re unable to use your hands to squish ground beef into a hot-dog-sized rectangle, the Ham Dogger is here to save your day. Suffer no more in this cruel world where only hot dogs fit into hot dog buns.

Unless, of course, you’re this poor fellow, who not only was unable to get the Ham Dogger to dog his ham, but fell short of the Amazon-required 20-word minimum for reviews and was required to pad it by complaining about the minimum word count.

How To Clean Up Legos


The Toydozer, according to the manufacturer, is a “unique design” enabling kids to clean up Legos. It’s $14.99. It also happens to be almost the same exact shape and size as the plastic box and lid that several Lego sets come in:


I wonder where they got the idea.

Tapping Your Pencil All Day Just Got Worse


I used to have a coworker who would tap his pencils. Not while he was thinking, because he was never thinking, but for hours, for fun. These drumstick pencils are just encouraging others like him to continue with their tapping. Tap tap tap tap tap. It’s morse code for “you hate working here.” Tap tap tap.

The only thing worse would be a desk toy that makes drum sounds with a tinny speaker. Of course, such a terrible thing exists, and I hope that your local pencil-drummer doesn’t read this, or he’ll have it overnighted to work so he can play it as soon as possible.

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